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Dominosa is a logic puzzle with simple rules and challenging solutions.

The rules are simple. You have to find the location of all dominoes on the grid. A domino is a pair of numbers. You can have only one of each pair.

Left click between two numbers to connect them in a domino. Right click to place a border which will help you separate numbers that you think cannot be connected.

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Q. What am I supposed to do? :)
Note - each pair of numbers participates only once on the board.
Q. Where do I start?

You can search for pairs that appear only once on the grid:

In this case the pair 0-0 appears only once.

The same way the pair 1-1 appears only once.

Have a look at the upper left corner - the 2 can be part only with the number next to it to there is a dominoe 2-3

Now if you notice the bottom right corner the 2 can only be part of a 2-0 pair. This means that the pair 2-0 cannot be anywhere else on the grid.

You can use the right mouse button to place red borders between numbers which cannot be connected. In this case we separate the other 2-0 pairs.

Now there are some obvious dominoes that can be placed - the 2-2 pair on the top and the 0-3 pair in the middle.

Same goes for the 1-3 on the top-right and the 3-3 on the bottom-left then 1-0 next to it etc.

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